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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i'm greg jarrett in for shep. the dow is up about 100-points so watch "your world." have a >> oh, my god. >> massive funnel clouds ripping throughjq parts of illinois and now worries more severe weather could be on the way. welcome everyone i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." two people dead, several others injured after massive twister tore through fairdale, illinois. 49 home keys steroid in the northern part of the state. the severe weather tossing vehicles around like toys. this is what the area looked like before that twister hit. this is what it looks like now. and forecasters say more severe storms could hit the area early next week. more of what is coming in just a
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moment. first to mike tobin in fairdale where they're picking up the pieces. >> 69-year-old jacqueline klosa had ridden out storms by standing in her tub. at 7:00 last night she told her sister by phone that is exactly sweat was going to do. this morning, as the secondary search crews aide by the morning light went through the debris, that's where they found her body, with he home ripped the illinois governor spoke about the second fatility this morning. >> we hope and pray that is allwh they fatilities. we have not heard of any other missing persons and we believe we know that the stepped of this -- extent of this terrible logs and our hearts and prayers go out to the families impacted. we're very blessed that more people were not hurt. >> reporter: she lived near
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67-year-old geraldine shallots grandmother who was killed by the force of the storm. on the east corner of this little town remains standing. 80% of the town has been ripped down to the foundation or damaged so badly it's beyond repair there are k-9 crews in the debris field at the moment searching, but the fire chief said just a short time ago he believes that phase of the operation is nearing its end and believes all of the people are accounted for. now, about 30 miles south of here there is another town by the name of rochelle. that one also took a direct hit from the tornado and that's where 11 people stood down in the basement of a restaurant called grubstake and where the restaurant was ripped off over the top of. the all of the people in the base. survived. the governor declared the two counties disaster areas,"s freeing them up for federal and state funds. stuart? >> question would you go out in this?
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>> oh [bleep]. >> he's over. he's over. [bleep] >> go, go. go. >> well my next guest did just that. he went out in it. scott peek is one of the people chasing down the twisters. you go straight at this how close did you get? >> we got within about a quarter mile of the tornado at a couple points. >> inure experience how severe was that twister that you went straight at? >> that was a pretty violent tornado in my opinion. that was a lot of fast-moving large tornado. >> is it somewhat unusual in that part of illinois? >> not necessarily but it is unusual that it occurred this early in the spring. >> i got to know, do you get a charge when you go straight at something like that? i know this is what you do for a living. but you get a charge out of it? >> yes, we do but we don't --
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as the storm hits -- that's the one thing that makes it hard about storm chasing and documenting these things. >> you use technological equipment to locate a storm and then go straight at it. how accurate can you be about where you go next? >> we can usually get accurate from the day before, know where we'll go. down to maybe a couple hours where we'll be going. so just depends. it varies, but it's difficult to do. but -- >> where are you going next? have you got a good idea where a storm is going to hitae next? >> going to be a quiet pattern. the cold front that came through that helped caused the severe weather and wiping the moisture and unstable air away so might be quiet for a few days at least. >> everybody is asking me, why do these guys do that this? tell us. >> sure. we do it because we're out there
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to document and -- but we also keep in contact with the national weather service and let them know what we're seeing out there, so that people have better warning. >> okay. how long have you been doing this? >> i've been doing this almost 14 years. >> which is the biggs -- biggest twister you have seen. >> the biggest one i've seen was el reno oklahoma, 2010. may 21 2013. and the three storms. >> come peake. thank you for joining us. we want to tell us where you're going next. thank youn very much. think that storm was bad? meteorologist joe bastardi says the next ten to 15 days could bring even more powerful storms to the midwest. you're reticketting violent storms in the -- predicting violent storm inside the next two weeks. >> the next ten days more like. next week i'm concern about the
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mid-part of the week, and the reason is we're within the bottom 10% of towards ever at this time of the year and we are beginning to open up the gulf of mexico. forming humid air to come north and going to be an established southerly flow for a few days into the center part of the country when a very strong cold front will come in we're also warning there could be late-season freezes down to oklahoma behind that next week. that will then try to wipe out a lot of this for quite a while to come, and i think once we get past the next seven to ten days, and back into later april and into may, it's going to be relatively quiet again against the normal -- we may be seeing a peak now7q that doesn't return. >> what is this i hear about the el niño effect being particularly intense this summer for hurricanes?
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>> well every year when these el niños show up -- we have been in an el niño which we use for our winter forecast to predict the very cold winter. i was on in november, telling people it would be brutal but in different places than in the central part of the united states last year. but every year they start revving up the el niño so part is because of the>b climate change issue that they know darn well that whenever you warm the pacific, it's like the global temperature, there is an el niño evolving. it's going to continue to evolve through the summer and into the fall. the upside is causes optical conditions atlantic so we don't see a lot of that. >> we hear it. we're waiting for it. we hear it. thank you very much. >> hillary clinton's about to drop her name in but larry sabato says there's one major problem she has to figure out. major attack foiled. what did this man have planned for an army base here in the
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most health plans. hillary clinton may be set to announce her presidential bid on sunday but not with a big speech. reportedly a tweet and then a video message. sources say clinton has beencá holed up ahead of the announce. to ed henry in iowa. >> reporter: we're waiting for hillary clinton to get here. we expect the next few days she will be officially launching it after putting a video on social media. as you suggested on sunday. that is really a replay of what she did during her first presidential bid on a weekend, went out there, went on social media, tried to reintroduce herself to voters, in a video, but then made the mistake perhaps of waiting almost a week to get here to a battleground state like iowa. this time her advisers are not going to make that mistake again.
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you can expect within at least a couple days she'll be here on the ground, fighting for voters. some of her democratic rivals are saying this won't be a core -- coronation, listen. >> in terms of the country at large and not simply iowa, people are looking for leadership they can trust. they're looking for leaders who will say what they really believe, and be consistent about it, and rather than massaging issues to try to get one political safety zone or another will take the risk of leadership, and we have done that my entire political career. >> has hillary clinton done that in her career? >> you have to ask her. >> reporter: leaders you can trust. using that word, trust, and not so subtle dig what we talked about yesterday, which was thate: quinnipiac poll suggesting near iowa 49% of voter does not find hillary clinton honest and
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trustworthy. that's clearly a big challenge for her. let's not fo when it comes to jim webb, martin o'malley, she is still far, far ahead at least on day one. >> ed henry, thank you very much. now, take a look another those numbers. an extremely low percentage of voters say they haven't heard enough about human being think to decide if they like her or not. larry sabato says that is not a lot of room to work with. where have these people been if six percent who don't have enough information to make a judgment where they havext"wç -- where they've hey been? >> they could have been in space. some of she vehicles circulate constantly and there are parts of the world that don't have television coverage still. i agree, the six percent we can hope maybe don't% vote. they could be included in the survey that perhaps they don't show up on election day. to your point, this is a serious one. this is a real problem faced by hillary clinton, and frankly, it
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would be faced to a lesser extent by jeb bush,. how too you change an image that has been formed over decades? stuart this is stunning at least it is to me, but hillary clinton is one of only a half ad dozen figures in the 20th 20th century who have been at the top of politics, in the news, day after day, for more than 20 years. continue obviously. she is on her 23rd year already and the election isn't until next year. so, it's just very difficult to change your image when people have been forming their image of you over such a long period of time. >> it must be very difficult to overcome such a big negative number going in. what is it, 51% have an unfavorable opinion of hillary clinton as of this moment. that's an enormous number. >> i'm sure that the clinton people aren't counting on winning on the basis of trust
1:15 pm
and honesty. i have to laugh, though, stuart, because in 1992, the polls in '92, a substantial majority of americans didn't think bill clinton was honest and trustworthy. he won, yes he got 43% in a three-way race but he ron and got a near majority in 1996. honesty and trustworthiness has never been to the strong suit of the clintons but they can win anyway. >> just want to look at this for a second. thewa guardian newspaper followed up on word that hillary clinton's planned annoyancement on sunday. they said, one day later florida senator marco rubio is expected to announce his candidacy in miami. almost certain to be overshadowed by clinton's tour of iowa and beyond. now, the guy in the newspaper but -- have they got a point here? do you think that marco rubeover is going to be overshadowed by a tweet on sunday from hillary
1:16 pm
clinton? >> don't"gav forget theaves videotaped message. the combination is powerful. the-and, no. think you'll see a fair coverage of marco rubio's announcement, which is of course live, and the live events are more exciting than seeing somebody campaign with a handful of family sitting in abcorner someplace, which is what the iowa tour will be. there's no big rallies. expect marco rubio to get his fair share of coverage modeled on the event that ted cruz had and rand paul had, and both of them got a lot of coverage. i expect fairness here. >> can you sum it up and say that hillary clinton faces an uphill struggle or am i going too far? >> i think youkáuz going too far. it's a year and a half away, stuart. anything can happen. but this election is certainly not over before it begins. if you read some of the pieces in some of the papers you
1:17 pm
reside think we could just go ahead and cancel the election. nothing could be further from the truth. >> larry sabato always a pleasure. thank you. quick clarifies. we showed you an image of jeb bush instead of0 apologize. harry, carson bush, jindal and cruz. they're awful meeting with this guy today. former reagan economic adviser art laffer is who pushing them to push his tax plan. it would scrap the count tax rate at 39.6% and replace it with an 11.8% flat tax. art this is a plan you proposed to the republican candidates. are they buying it? it really doesn't radical to me. are they on -- it sounds radical to me. are they onboard you look spectacular today. it replaces all federal! taxes the corporate toes personal
1:18 pm
tax, excise tax medicare, medicaid and it's two glad rates one on business net sales and one in person ungifted gross income and that was jerry brown's plan. except he added one percent so he made it 13%. but it's the right way to go. >> what is their reaction. >> you come out with plan like 11.8% flat tax across the board there that's -- i got say that is a radical plan. what is their response? >> except for i get eye-twisting and gasping gasping gasping gasping and guff a fews i have no idea. for my point that's the way you go to go. if we don't create the economic prosperity, ain't going to happen. you just can't mess around with taxes. you have to have a low rate broad base give team the lease incentive to 'hide their money.
1:19 pm
you make it static revenue neutral. much like we did in the '86 tax act, and then take this economy to the moon with prosperity. >> i want to show our audience, ben carson, who is speaking at this moment to the nra. that's ben carson live. he is speaking right now. now, art i got to ask you, which candidates have you met with and which ones were most receptive to your flatój taxied? >> i can tell you which ones i met with. i can't tell you which one is most receptive or not. you have to ask them -- >> sure you can. you were face face to face with these guys. >> they're polite, nice people. they really are. don't say i really hate your idea and roll their eyes and point fingers at me. i think they're all very interested in a good tax plan and i think they're awful sitting here trying to figure out how to get from here too there on prosperity in america. there's no issue more important than economic prosperity, and i think they're all focuses on the
1:20 pm
really hard. jeb bush was.rb ben carson, is spectacular. rick perry bobby jindal. i'll have dinner with ted cruz, and then the ones i'm not seeing they're great -- rand paul spectacular. rubio fantastic person but -- >> but they all want to make economic friday prosperity center stage. they doen't want to go off on a tangent on other issues, foreign policy or whatever else. they're all focusing on prosperity through cutting taxes. can you say that? >> i wouldn't sayln+é cutting taxes. i'd say cutting tax rates and broadening the tax behavioral all of these plans i'm proposing are static revenue neutral. not going to lose any money. it's static revenue neutral. it just changes the consolation of taxes to -- constellation of taxes to make is as pro growth as possible. all taxes are bad. some are worse. you want to collect your revenues in the least bad
1:21 pm
fashion and spend your money in the most good fashion, and when the last dollar of tasks is collected the pain of that is a little bit less than the benefit of the last dollar spent, and then you stop and go on with your business. let the market solve it. >> very persuasive, art. neil will be back on monday. art laffer everyone. >> you're great. you have a great accent too. neil. >> he is a jersey boy. >> a jersey boy. >> on the same day fort hood victims are honored an isis-inspired army base plot uncovered.
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forget isis coming for our army. isis was in our army. fox news claudia cowen as the
1:25 pm
shocking details. claudia? >> reporter: a big arrest this morning, happened in kansas. the suspect identified as 20-year-old john t. booker, jr., has been on the fbi's radar for more than a year. take a look at his picture. prosecutor says he joined the army in kansas back in february of 2014 with the sole intent of carrying out an insider attack at fort riley cabs, eerily similar to the fort hood massacre in texas. but his internet writings got the fbi's attention. he wrote,!e quote, will soon be leaving you forever so goodbye. i'm going to wage jihad and hope i die. booker was discharged before he reported for basic training, and according to this family he spent time at a mental health facility, but federal agents say he never gave up his dream to attack american soldiers and kill himself in the process. listen. >> the criminal complaint today alleges that he has spent monthsu,<
1:26 pm
developing and attempting to execute a plan that would result in his own death. it's alleged he planned to pull the trigger of the explosives themself so he would die in the explosion. >> agents say they arrested booker just outside fort riley according to the criminal complaint, booker had hoped to get his car bomb through a utility gate and on to the base undetected. they say booker had over a period of months acquired materials to make a bomb rented a storage unit to stash it, and made a video to be posted after his death attempting to portray himself as a martyr. he had no clue the materials he obtained to make the car bomb were inert. booker made his first court appearance an hour ago. the court proceedings still underway. he fau tied to terrorism that could put him away from life if convicted. >> claudia cowen, thank you. this suspect may have acted alone but are there others like him? lieutenant colonel tony schaffer
1:27 pm
says absolutely. yes, there are. you think there are other people planning to join the army and then from the inside, once they're in attack. right? >> let's be clear here. this guy was essentially kind of the first of the attempt to get someone in and the thing about isis and al qaeda as well, they're very good about watching and learning. so i can tell you the next guy or the next set of guys or gals, a number of females have been picked up recently -- will not make the same mistakes. one thing about this guy, he was low-hanging fruit. this guy was broadcasting like a beacon at midnight about his intentions, and he got caught. the next guy is going to be smarter, and that's what we have to worry about, the ones who are not as inept as this guy was and inevitably it's going to happen. >> what do you mak of the tactics used against that guy? he was identified, discharged from the army, and then followed. tracked. what too you make of that tactic?
1:28 pm
it seems effective. what too you make of it? >> it's effective when someone is presenting themselves for observation. this guy clearly, by the fact he was using public media, social media, to tell people what he was doing apparently his family recognized there were problems after he was discharged and put into a mental health facility. this guy was easy. this is the kind of guy that the fbi should easily pick up. what we have to really worry about now is that the jihadis who have studied this, who are now recognizing they have to camouflage themselves in our clothes, in our imagery, so they canf@ assimilate themselves into the culture and then turn against it like major nidal hassan did. so to do an hassan type attack you have to be in for a while. i worry about the constant stream of radicalization across the board. this is one guy, folks in new york and pennsylvania were both picked up over the past ten days. this is just a symptom of a much larger problem, which is
1:29 pm
continuing to grow. >> but i have to assume that the military is aware of this kind of threat. and i have to assume that any recruit has his or her social media postings thoroughly look at before they get into the army or in basic training. that's enough. >> it is now.?q major hassan was corresponding with one of known al qaeda guys for a while, and the tsarnaev brothers in boston were on the fbi's radar but were left unchecked. so, this is the key. we need to actually study the groups, the population, stu, who are most likely to do this. not everybody. and like you said, social media, other things that people they interact with need too be studied. a harsh fact that is necessary in today's security environment. >> if imagine you were please teed see thewardingwarding of purple hearts. >> absolutely. the win travesty, stu, continues
1:30 pm
to be that while they got the purple heart they're not getting the benefits that go with it. one of the guys whose badly wounded is being denied $800 a month disability because the army now is saying, you got the purple heart, but it still wasn't a combat zone so we're not going to actually help you. this is insane. not acceptable. this is something the white house needs to get involved in to fix, not to insist thatí major nidal hassan, although he was in contact with anwar a.l. quack we. -- al-aulaqi wasn't an -- >> did the same guy who is shouting death to america, just say, we're the ones who can't be trusted? this man was held by iran for 444 days. guess who he says cannot be trusted?
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>> spring is here. more illegals than ever will be crossing our border this year. thought a ten-hour flight want bad enough? imagine waiting 33 hours to get on it. ouch. we're back in 60 seconds.
1:34 pm
deceitful. back-stabbing, liars. think that's what iran? that what iran is calling us. the ayatollah telling his country the u.s. cannot be trusted with the nuclear deal. former iranian hostage, don cook, says the ayatollah has it
1:35 pm
backwards. don, you were held for 444 days. you don't trust him? you don't think we should do business with him in a nuclear deal? >> well don't -- i'm not going to rule out some kind of futures relationship with iran. i think that is something that we're all looking for. but what you have to look at is the rhetoric of the regime and how they-treated us for the last 35 years. so we were a diplomatic mission, a u.s. embassy overseas with full rights and privileges, and the iranian government led by the mullahs, countenanced and supported a takeover and the holding of hostage of 50 some american diplomats, ande; they allowed this to continue and to this day, they don't accept responsibility for it. >> now, you were 25 years old when you were taken hostage. now tell us, because a lot of people don't remember what happened. it was 35 years ago. what did they do to you?
1:36 pm
>> well, i was the youngest of the officers there, the youngest of the foreign service officers, youngest of the military officers and i was issuing visas so@!pr hey acknowledge that the work i was doing was legitimate. so, even so, i was subjected to being imprisoned, being separated from my family, not being able8risç to communicate with them in addition i faced mock firing squats -- >> hold on, don. a mostly cloudy described what happened to you. >> they- lined us up against a wall and they had men come in uniform with automatic and the leader of that squad shouted out orders and so it was in farsi ready, aim, fire and then they dry-fired their weapons without any ammunition in it. sore we're standing at the wall we're pretty much ready to get shot. >> and new being in the visa
1:37 pm
section were treated reasonably well compared to others. did others have it a lot worse? >> there were a couple of guys who spent the entire time in solitary confinement which is rough. bill corti tells the story they tied his hands tight and made his hands swell and was literally beaten with rubber hoses, some people had it bad. >> you want compensation for what you went through all those years ago. think you're going to get i from the iranians if there is a nuclear deal? >> well, right now, we have some advocates working on our behalf and what they're trying to do is try to find a way to get around the prohibition in the court, the agreement which led to ourr release, where we're prohibited from suing the iranian government. and so they're trying to work a way where we either attach iran's assets in the united states or we go after iran's
1:38 pm
surrogates. companies doing business illegally with iran. this is something that we feel is a way for iran to accept responsibility for what they did, and for the wrong and to compensate us for the wrong they committed against us. but part of this is very clear, and that is we're not looking for money from the u.s. taxpayer. we're looking for iran or its surrogates to step up and take responsibility and pay compensation. >> don cooke, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> yes, sir. after suffering a 33-hour delay would $600 be enough for you? it might not be for them. the american dream is terrifying. american history is the history of the scary thing being the exact thing we have to do. cross that ocean. walk on that moon. fly. none of this makes rational sense. it only makes american sense.
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imagine, just imagine your flight being delayed 33 hours. sounds like a nightmare. for these virgin atlantic passengers in las vegas it was
1:42 pm
just reality. a now they're threatening to sue. whitney says that won't fly but dominic disagrees, witness any, you say they --yk whitney, you say they cannot sue. 33-hour delay and they can't get satisfaction in the courts? >> no way. come on. i mean, while this is a nightmare for sure nobody wants to be stuck at an airport for 33 hours, i get it. let's be honest. this is vegas. if you were stuck anywhere-wouldn't las vegas be the place? their slot machines yield better than the casinos. >> just bag it's vegas they can't sue because vegas is an attractive place to get stuck. >> what i can say is that this airline, virgin, went out of its way to not put these people on an airplane that doubled as a sawn newscast. damned if they do and damned if they don't. they didn't want to be on there with their b.o. and shame, they
1:43 pm
went out of-w%i way to make these peoplesl comfortable and now they're punished? >> whitney you're tough. dominic, you say they can sue. remember, please, they got 600 bucks each and they got a night in a hotel in las vegas. and you still think they can and should sue? >> they have the right to that. what happens in vegas in this case, mccarran airport, doesn't necessarily stay in vegas. so depending on how much harm they suffered, certain cases certain pages willbe allowed to bring suit. what you reverenced, the 600 euro which is payable to them, pursuant to the european regulations bz 261-2004 forks flights of this duration delayed this long doesn't necessarily pre-empt other legal action. so depending on the situation, some of these people might have been without medication. there were pictures of the them sleeping on the floor of the
1:44 pm
airport. you don't want to bring them back in a plane that is hot. >> don't you open up a pan door's box saying this left of hardship is too much and they can sue. your you have opened a book here. >> 33 hours, over a day's delay. the question is did the airline do everything it could have done? did it have spare parts available? at one point there was an extended delay. the passengers were shuttled back and forth between the hotel and the airport, and being told, oh now the plane is too hot.c3 one point, now there are winds, we can't fix the rudder could they move it into an enclosed area where the affectioned the rudder sooner so it wouldn't have occasioned such a long wait? perhaps. so really depends on the circumstances. some of these people, if you had a meeting in london -- >> go ahead, whitney. >> no no. all right. it's miss able to be stuck in an airport for 33 hours. ┐ql stuck in charles degaulle airport for 30 hours, was i
1:45 pm
miserable? jm absolutely. that doesn't mean i sue. when you fly, you assume the risk that things can go wrong if you don't know that already i want to be you. i want to be you, because it's the reality of it. and that doesn't make this a legal action where people can recover money in court. virgin has gone out of their way to compensate these people. >> it was a good debate. a very interesting subject. a 33-hour delay, whether it's vegas or charles degaulle, doesn't matter, it's a 33-hour delay. >> i'd rather the vegas. >> think nothing could top this surge last summer? wait until you hear how many illegals are crossing now before the summer even begins. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults.
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. you think last year's border
1:49 pm
surge was out of control? a new report says get ready for surge 2 because 39,000 more illegal minors are expected to enter the u.s. this year. to the guy writing that report from the migration policy institute. mark, why the surge now? >> well,typically the spring, march, april, may those have been the big months when we have seen numbers go up. >> are we encouraging this surge by the offer of amnesty from president obama? >> when you look at the actual pattern in the numbers the surge began in the spring of 2012 is when we started seeing the numbers go up. that was before the deferred action for child arrival amnesty. we have only seen this coming from central america and not mexico. it seems a big part of the story is push factors causing people to flee.
1:50 pm
>> that is the reason behind it they are being pushed out. is that accurate? >> kids are leaving central america because of violence and bad economic conditions in the region. they are definitely also coming to the u.s. to be reunited with family members who are here. you have pushes in the region and pulls here. >> take me through the process. a minor arrives at the border. what happens to that youngster? >> so if the child is from mexicotypically they will be processed quickly and deported within 24 to 48 hours. if it is a child from any country other than mexico and canada under long standing policies they are required to be brought into the u.s. and given an immigration hearing before a judge that they have a chance to apply for asylum. the other real problem was that the wait list to go before a judge takes about two years to go before an immigration judge. kids were being brought into the u.s. and waiting a long time for their hearing.
1:51 pm
that is probably also a factor that sort of incentivises it. >> those youngsters from central america once they are here they stay. very few won't go back. is that true? >> very few have been deported. that is true. >> do we pay for all of this? american taxpayers? >> no. there is no benefit to go to these kids while they are waiting for a hearing. >> education, health that kind of thing? >> they are entitled to go to school. all unauthorized immigrants ready to go to k-12 schools and emergency health care but no other health care benefits, no obamacare no medicaid, no food stamps or those benefits. >> your report says the surge is coming 39,000 this year. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. thank you. kansas says no more welfare cash for massages, tattoos,
1:52 pm
concerts cruises. what's wrong with that? why critics are crying foul?
1:53 pm
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waging war on welfare fraud and abuse. lawmakers in kansas approving a bill that limits what folks can buy. tattoos, massages cruises, basically all nonfood items are off limits and keeps atm cash withdrawals at $25 a day. does not like what this means for the poor. but others say it is to get out of the poor house. chuck, i know what you are going to say so i will go right at you. you are a taxpayer, right? >> absolutely. >> are you happy to see your taxpayer money go on tattoos or cruises or gambling through welfare? are you happy with that? i am restricting it with that
1:56 pm
area. >> i wouldn't be happy with my money going to tattoos. my mother was on food stamps and i am president and ceo of my company. we should be helping lift them up to have the opportunity to do what i have done. >> is it kicking poor people down when they are down if we stop them spending taxpayer welfare money on cruises and gambling? >> no. i think these efforts to restrict and restrain the welfare state are beneficial not only to taxpayers whose dollars lawmakers are trying to protect and also to the truly destitute people. we want to help people move into employment because we know the best welfare program is a job. providing people with greater opportunities through jobs training programs lawmakers deserve a huge pat on the back for the strides made in those efforts. >> do you think it could be
1:57 pm
described as mean spirited to restrict welfare recipients can use cash for. >> you can't just give something to part of the vulnerable population and walk away. we have a responsibility to help them use the money for necessities in life that it is meant to especially if children are involved. we are a generous nation spending more than $900 billion a year on welfare both state and federal. we want it to work. we want people like chuck's mother who did a wonderful job raising him. it shows it does work. i think we have to be faithful to the taxpayers, as well. we found it in the mid 90s. bill clinton working on one of the committees. he fought us tooth and nail on welfare reform. it was so popular he had to sign it and then took credit for it. it is important to be responsible. >> chuck, there is also a limitation of $25 per day that
1:58 pm
can be taken in cash out of an atm. do you have a problem with that limit? >> if you are paying rent and it is $200 a month you have to go to the bank eight times. the bank is making money off of your welfare money. i have a problem with that mainly because the state is already in a deficit because we zeroed out corporate interest and taxes. you are giving more welfare to the banks who don't need it. >> anybody want to come in on that one? >> well i think it is important to differentiate between welfare payments and letting taxpayers keep more of their own resources. the assumption that everything automatically belongs to the state is a bad assumption and bad premise. we have to go back to the efforts that lawmakers have made in kansas focusing welfare on truly destitute, making sure they are only using welfare for necessity items. the best way is to move as many able bodied people out of the program. that is a better approach than
1:59 pm
conditions on what people can and cannot buy. if we restrict the number of people involved in the programs we have only people buying necessities. >> in terms of the limited amount you can pull out it can be a pain in the neck. there is probably a way to work around it in terms of fees. in real life working taxpayers somehow budget themselves. to make sure they don't spend on a week day they only spend $150 on the thing. it's not such an idea. >> one last one for you. >> do you think this could become a trend if it happens in kansas? >> we have seen welfare drop in kansas. the welfare system and social programs is supposed to lift people up. we have to find responsible ways. i'm not going to say i need to get a tattoo. it is hard to be poor. >> thank you for coming by. we appreciate it. you can catch me if you are desperate on barney and company
2:00 pm
week days at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. the name of the show is varney and company. we start very promptly at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. varney and company. i'm greg gutfeld along with eric bolling and dana perino. "the five." hillary clinton's announcing her candidacy sunday via recorded message. here is a preview. >> that wasn't the right video but it beats e-mail. what is her big selling point? >> don't you someday want to see a woman president of the united states of america? >> fair enoug


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